Classroom Kings

by Red & Yellow

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released September 17, 2012



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Red & Yellow Salt Lake City, Utah

We capture dinosaurs and train them to cook dinner for us on occasion. But we also have a secret three-step agenda:

1- Start an epic rock/pop band (check)
2 - Incite revolution
3 - Take over the world

You can help us, Red & Yellow, achieve this dream. Every time you download one of our songs, an orphan kitten gets adopted and gas prices plummet. Let's save the world together!
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Track Name: Mainstream
Verse 1:
This song, hidden in a notebook, stashed away under my bed somewhere cause I don't want me parents to see it. What do they even care? These notes are a perfect lil reminder, I swear they sound the same as every other song. I stand out to fit in like this, I'd really like to think I'm different, but I'm dead wrong.

There's a million freaks just like me...

I think I'm just too mainstream
Like all the other average kids
I'm a cookie cutter, baby
All I want is to fit in.

Verse 2:
This verse, I admit I'm getting lazy, but I don't care, no one will hear this song anyway. That's life--spend all your time, nobody noticed, cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby. This girl, she used to drive me crazy. I'd flip just like her hair each time she said hello. Didn't dig my average looks, my faded jeans and nerdy nooks, so now she's just somebody that I used to know.

Facebook friends in the end...

I think I'm just too mainstream
Like all the other average kids
I'm a cookie cutter, baby
My life purpose is to fit in

And just like this song is too mainstream
The rhythm is all just cliche beats
The words they don't change cause I'm lazy
What is it I'm trying for?

And just like this song is too mainstream
It steals other pop songs' melodies
The chords they don't change cause I'm lazy
What is it I'm trying for?
Track Name: What's Best For You
Verse 1:
Never had such a lovely enlightment
Never sad cause it's so, so exciting
Never let me fall off your view, because I'm teetering on the edge.
Every time that I think of you, I light up
I'd ask you out, but I feel like you're too high up
Every time that I try, I just end up right back where I started.

Put away all your little distractions
Open your eyes, and you'll see what the fact is
Forget I know when I'm touching you if you know what's best for you.

So tell me what you think about true love's timeless moments
Do you really think it only exists in fairytales?
Cause every relationship is just work and bogus, right?
You know that that's not true, any day, what's best for you.

Verse 2:
Tell me how long you've known that I planned this
Tell me why didn't you show through
Tell me how long you've kept it a secret
Now I don't know what to do

Never thought you'd discover my pretenses
Though you're smart, I just thought you couldn't care less
Saying you don't know anything is no longer convincing.


Always wishing that you'd stay right there beside me
Never knowing that you felt the same
All those days I've spent on lonely reminiscing
Or just plain wondering if you knew my name

What you thought was ignorance of your position
Was just my heart full of fear and shame
What I really mean to show is admiration
Cause you're the girl that I'm trying to aim for

Track Name: Together We Can
Verse 1:
How many of us must take this path
Alone and defiant?
How many of us have gone off track?
Astonished, we cannot sleep.

How many souls has he lost today
How many days have gone astray
How many strays have died anyway?

How many things have been left untold
Who's there to shelter the weak and cold
What's there to do when your freedom's sold?

When everything's changing, your life is just saying, "Let's take another road." Together we can do it better than alone.

Verse 2:
How many ways have we found to lie?
How many things have been falsified?
Saying, you're praying, you go on portraying
A day in the life of a saint
Lying, conniving, the saints are all dying and devils begin to taint.

Fork lifting, tail swishing, how many died wishing
People could just get along?
Blowing it, sewing it up, cause they know it will
Come back and haunt them in song.


This world can be righted, right now it's just upside-down
But it's nothing that we can't fix
Haven't you heard the song bird flies around
With joy in every sound
What do you see in your dreams
Painting the fibers and seams?
Together we can make a better world whether the bad things enter our feelings.

When everything's failing, your life is just saying, "Lets take another road." Together we can do it better than alone. There are others with your problems, you can solve them whether you know it or not.
Try to pass by them in everything that you do, then you can be perfect.
Track Name: Math Class
Set my alarm for 5am so I can press the snooze ten times,
I feel like sleeping in.
You're like living ambien, only side effects, they may include
My head caving in.

Oh math class, sing me to sleep, tuck me in with bedtime story problems, I know just how to solve them. Math class feels like a dream. Head's on my desk, think I'll pass with a D. Now math is history.

la da da da

Well 2+2 is 4, and 6+3 is 8, but we don't need to complicate.
Can't math just learn to solve its own problems?
You can talk and lecture our lives away,
But in the end you know we're just gonna fail.
So sorry, Kaelin, my give-a-dang is broken today.


la da da da

There comes a time when the test arrives,
You'll be thinking then,
"Oh how I wish I'd studied my division to reap the dividends."
You had always got the answers to the homework from your friends
Now you're wondering when this will ever end.

Oh you're stuck.
Sucks to suck.

Track Name: Strike Out
Verse 1:
Take a walk again, for the 7th time this week
Hoping I'll run into you, sick and tired of hide and seek
But even when you're there, when it's my chance, I can't speak
Cause every time I see your face,
my brain shuts down and I can't think.

Strike One, I pass you by without a single word
Strike Two, I'm paralyzed from head to toe
Strike Three, I'm out. Nothing seems to be working out,
and I'm on the bench again.

Verse 2:
The day is ending now, it drags on too long again.
Nothing matters anymore, cause my thoughts have gone unsaid
And all that's left for me now is hope for a better day to shed
some light on me.
I can't face my problems alone, I'm getting weaker.


Living life can get so lonely
Something love and lies can't fix
And all the pain that comes from caring
Hits me like a ton of bricks

And every day it gets harder, I realize now what I've started
Only it hurts myself more than before.
And every day I'm moving forward,
I always end up stuck in trap doors.

Track Name: Jewelry
Verse 1:
Is my heart a badge you wear on your chest
Is my love a lock, a hem on your dress
Is all I am to you, your jewelry?
Is my life a mess, you scatter the pieces
and my pride detest, destroy it completely.
Is all I am to you, your jewelry?

And I'll pretend I haven't figured it out
that all I am to you's a face in the screaming crowd
You'll collect me as a trophy, hang me up on the shelf
and as I gather dust, I'll ask myself...

Is your love a lie? I believe it completely.
Are your words a knife? Cause they're cutting me deeply.
Is all I am to you, your jewelry?
If I learned, became something resilient,
would you throw me away like I'm one in a million?
Is all I am to you, your jewelry?

Verse 2:
So I take a look at the face in the mirror
as I fake a smile, could it get any clearer
that all you are to me is misery?
Would it kill you to breath for a second here with me
or is your heart on a stage, guys line up to get played
put on an act and then you take your bows

Well I missed try-outs.


It's a heist, dressed up to the eyes
your pretty face a disguise
take my heart as a prize, and now you're running away.
Say, there's nothing to say
figure out I've been played
all my love has been wasted
as I sit right here with my hands in my pockets, I'm thinking...

Was your love a lie? I believed it completely.
Was your faith a trial? Well it's soon to defeat me.
Was all I was to you just jewelry?


eh eh eh yeah x4

is all I am to you just jewelry?
Track Name: Dear Misery
Misery, oh how I've missed you dearly
cut the line and let you slip away
but now you're back and you look so appealing
so give me heartache, give me pain.

Verse 1:
And this is what change looks like
been far too long since I have given it a try
My turn to apologize for all the ugly times I hurt you
Please forgive my pride
This is what change looks like.

Verse 2:
And this is what pain feels like
forced smiles and dodging glances
Can't shake the thoughts of you that eat me from the inside
Guess that I'll use this time
to show you how I've really changed
but it gets harder all the time
this is what pain feels like.


All I ever do is let down
didn't know that it was possible to make such bad mistakes
(such a perfect mess I made, hope I'll make it up someday)
Gotta runaway from myself somehow
Gotta break down, leave town for a little while
(I'll come back when it feels right, this is what change looks like)

Break me down
Break me down
Break me down and start again.

(Chorus) x2

So give me heartache, give me pain.
Track Name: Quit Knockin
Verse 1:
Say what you need to say, but don't delay or I'll be late
for your train of thoughts are lost inside your, I mean this complex head
I don't really mean to stay right by your side
every time you need a shoulder to cry on
I do believe that your anomalies just keep on finding
somebodys to annoy.

Well I'm fine with that, just stay where you're at, and please quit knocking on my door.

Verse 2:
Well I'm not a deity of any kind, so please excuse me
if I don't have the keys to unlocking all your problems
I can't be expected to present you with your answers,
who elected me to this high post?
You ask me for advice, I tell you twice, but you're not listening
you like to be alone

Well I'm fine with that, just stay where you're at, and please quit knocking on my door. Please, no more.

You're a complicated puzzle that I can't solve.
Sudoku seems like such a simple sequence when the world revolves around you.
Still I can't understand whatever's making you sad.
When there's so much to be glad of, use your head and take advantage of His wide open door.

So if you ever decide to make an effort to try to see the light at the end...

Well I'm fine with that, just stay where you're at, and please quit knocking on my door.
Track Name: You Reverse My World
Verse 1:
Close your eyes, the snow falls quietly outside
Listen closely, and I'll turn the lights down low.
If you're feeling what I'm feeling here tonight,
then what's stopping us from feeling this through time?

City lights can't compare with your pretty eyes
looking down on the sky
You're like an angel from heaven on high.
And when you're close, you make me weak
and I lie awake and weep
For every minute that I've wasted.

You reverse my world and everything in it.
I am upside-down and I can't seem to finish.
But I can't tell you no, so don't ever let me go.

Verse 2:
Taste, touch, sight, sound, the senses all collide
Every time I see your face, entranced with every little line
I can't see my life ending in any other way
than with you by my side, enhancing every last day.


I think of you every day
I think of you all of the time
I can't get you out of my mind
You seem so insistent to stay.
You seem so unreal
How could someone really be as perfect as you
and fall in love with someone like me?

Track Name: Some Sort of Piano Thingy
Track Name: Safety Net
Verse 1:
Would you even care if I stopped breathing?
And if I never came back around,
would you notice that there was something missing?

Did you know that I feel left out when I smile at you
and you smile back, but I know
it wasn't genuine, you didn't really mean it
and so I get down

Just don't forget that I'm waiting for you
Take your time, I know that you'll pull through
and from our first moment, I knew
I was destined to lose.

Verse 2:
Is it really fair that I'm accustomed to humiliate myself?
As I stand up on a dare and forget who I was trying to become
and I failed.

A hundred and six days since I first figured out
I would fall on my face
Contrived that there was no doubt
cause every time you speak, I feel so out of place


Now I wave goodbye and blow the world a kiss
cause I would never want to compromise your
But if you happen to reflect these deep emotions I possess
then I will catch you when you fall I'll be your safety net,
I won't break
I won't bend

And I'll be everything you need, I will be your best friend
I'll be the shoulder you can cry on when you can't pretend
and I will wipe away the pain, I'll make the hurting end
and I will catch you when you fall, I'll be your safety net

I won't break
I won't bend

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: Perfect Girl
Verse 1:
I love the way you make me smile,
goofy but cute at the same time
every instinct in my being tells me you're the one for me.
I love the way you just don't care
what people say about you
you just flip your hair around and walk the other way.

You're everything I've ever hoped for
You never knock, you just walk through my door
I love the way you're never insecure
You just know that you are beautiful and perfect
the way that you are.

I build myself upon your strength, cause I know
you'll never fall, you give it all.
You say you just don't hear about the things that go wrong
Oh my darling, oh my dear, I've been inspired to write a song
about you.

You're so perfect that it kills me just to watch you leave
(I'm begging you please don't go, I can't sing this song solo)
Every hour I spend with you feels like another dream
(Sit back and just enjoy the show, I'm begging you please don't go)

It's refreshing how you talk,
the first impressions you give are never false
I've always liked what I see, I've never doubted you could better me.
Your sense of reliability
makes sense of why you're always there for me.
You take care of me.


But I love the days when you are weak
So I can help you on your feet
Leaving me with precious memories
And I love the days when I am strong
So I can help you sing along
to unleash those perfect harmonies.


So just help me out today, and I will never be the same
cause everything will be perfect when you're with me.
We could spend our lives together, happy the whole way through
You'd never been alone, and you know I'd never leave you.